Challenges Around GaN-on-SiC at High Frequencies

GaN technologies for RF and mmwaves require advanced techniques to unleash the full potential of short gate-length GaN-on-SiC HEMT processes. Different challenging cases will be addressed during the presentation. One case is an X-band, 80-W SSPA development for a space application requiring a high-accuracy model valid over a large temperature variation. A second case is the packaging design of a 10-W, K-band GaN PA in a metal ceramic solution integrating a waveguide for new communications satellite. A third case is the design of a 2-W, 24-30 GHz FE for 5G applications that combines GaN and GaAs integrated in a low-cost plastic package. Lastly a short description of new features to be implemented in a Microwave Office software 0.15-μm GaN PDK will be presented.

Presented by: Leclerc Eric, United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS)